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  1. Design and production of specific appliances

    As supplementary activity we undertake to renovate unique, specific machinery, which might result in a product designed by ourselves with better parameters than the original one. The following swollen cereal-slice oven produced by a partner company (Losonczi Kft.) represents an example.

  2. System and project integration activity

    Result of perfection of our activity is the ability that we can create complete systems that are capable to ensure global technologic serving to the production systems.

  3. Appliance design and planning

    Due to original activity of our company that aimed to satisfy occasional regional development orders, we can create projects in wide professional spectrum in the fields of development of unique machinery unit, machinery design and industrial air-technical development.

  4. Design and implementation of special appliances

    An expressive example for our design and development activity on specific machinery is the creation of control and mechanism of the world clock established in Gyula. Upon customer request, specific transportation, elevation and assembly process on the spot were done by us.