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We hope that this site contains information which you may find intresting and soon enough can greet You among our partners and clients!


The mechatronic machine expert

You tell the dream of your desires, we make it true with the right single-purpose machine...

More than 20 years

in the services of the industry

Our company came to "full age" (majority). Feel free to contact Us.



The virtues of our engineering activity are high techincal standards, versatility, cooperation and relation to our clients as partners.

service 1

Designing and producing special equipment

We are capable of designing special unique equipments to specifed technology and parameters at unusual conditions and applications. The target of our innovational activity can be robotization or improvments to existing technological systems.

service 2

System and project integration

The capability of completing whole systems which fulfill the technological requiments in modern manufacturing at a guaranteed high standard is our top priority.

service 3

Shape and device design

Our company is capable of creating projects on professionaly wide spectum. Improving subassemblies in unique engineering way, designing devices and their shapes, developing in industrial ventilation technology and even serve artistical appliances.

Our completed projects provide us with strength!

We take inspiration from challenges!

Which we can provide

  • Exceptionally extensive professional experience
  • Ability to solve the specified - mainly not usual - technical problems
  • Maximal humbleness to the specified task

Benefits achievable with us

  • Technological advantage over competitors
  • You can reach such production capacity by our assistance which is not available elsewhere in the region
  • We make dreams come true


team 1

Mihály Mochnács

Manager, constructor

Phone: +36 30 318 1080

My name is Mihály Mochnács and I'm the manager, main constructor of the company. I became engineer originally at Donát Bánki College of Mechanical Engineering (today Faculty of Óbuda University) where I obtained my first diploma and which became the location of my first job. All the engineering devotion and humbleness whereby I begin my developmental tasks is credited to the masters then as my first colleagues later on. This determined also the ten years what I spent in Vocational High School of Engineering and Informatics. During that time with the team in those days we pushed the institution to the top five vocational high school which only just has been founded. This hasn't happend otherwise with my own engineering company.

MO-MECHATRONIKA Bt. was founded in 2001. Our main activity consists of engineering services, designing, single-purpose machine construction, special equipment implementation. The ambition at the time of founding was the satisfying of regional and developmental needs in the market. We target small and medium sized companies just like multinational companies. The satisfaction of the latter customer base lead us to others nationwide and even abroad. We became the member of the Hungarian Space Cluster and reasearch of defense came into our list of fields.

In my engineering career lasting more than 30 years, I designed more than 150 equipment that succesfully has been built, in which I took a reasonably amount of work too. In the years of teaching in vocational high school there has been a series of engineering projects made in collaboration with our students. This was like some sort of super dual course. My engineering works has multyplied under the roof of MO-MECHATRONIKA in a wide range of professional fields.

I recommend my services to those clients who in search of mechatronic, mechanical engineering and technological solutions for special and unusual tasks.


Mentored by Linamar Gyöngyös Kft.

Some of our products

project 1
project 3

Audi R8

Dátum2009. szeptember

project 4

Puffed rice slice factory

Dátum2013. március

project 5
project 6

CD and DVD tester

MegrendelőPhilips Component
Dátum2004. február
PartnerJulius Globe Kft.

project 7



project 8

Special function test for carlifter

Dátum2014. december

project 9

Hirschmann VAG press

Dátum2013. február

project 16
project 18
project 19
project 20
project 26
project 29


project 37
project 51
  • project 1

    Washing robot cell

  • project 2

    Robotarm-feed smith cell

  • project 3

    Robotcar conveyerline

  • project 4

    Supplying machine with manipulators

  • project 5

    Own developed CNC turning machines

  • project 6

    CD and DVD tester

  • project 7

    VDI-head tester

  • project 9

    Differential tester

  • project 8

    Special function test for carlifter

  • project 10

    VindStop assembly cell

  • project 11

    Handtool assembly cell i4.0

  • project 12

    Frame assembly cell

  • project 13

    Differential assembly cell

  • project 14

    Process supervised assembply press

  • project 15

    Assembly press workstation

  • project 16

    Cylinder casepress

  • project 17

    65 T feather press design

  • project 18

    CLeaningtech. and fluidtech. development

  • project 19

    Heavy machine apllications development

  • project 20

    Worldclock - Gyula

  • project 21

    Pulse monument - Győr

  • project 26

    Current offer: Bio-protection
    Antisceptic access control system

  • project 27

    Sampling cabin development

  • project 28

    Soil sampling machine development

  • project 29

    Insect repellent technological development

  • project 30

    Cleaning with carbon dioxide technological development

  • project 31

    Tilting hangar door for crane runway

  • More information can be requested at

  • project 32

    CNC rotary metal press

  • project 33

    Weigh cell powder feeder

  • project 34

    Rice slice production line

  • project 35

    Small-scale cellular dryer

  • project 36

    Semi-automatic riveting station

  • project 37

    Chemical acquisition drone service station

Our partners at implementation


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