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We are members of

the Hungarian Space Cluster

You can read about us in a publication from 2014 - available in pdf format by clicking on the button below - where the members of the Hungarian Space Cluster intruduce themselves:

Space Industry Hungary

15 year

in the service of the industry

Our company's 15th foundation anniversary was celebrated this year.



Our engineering service results in flexibility, cooperation and highest-level satisfaction of our partners' orders.

service 1

Design and production of specific appliances

As supplementary activity we undertake to renovate unique, specific machinery, which might result in a product designed by ourselves with better parameters than the original one. The following swollen cereal-slice oven produced by a partner company (Losonczi Kft.) represents an example.

service 2

System and project integration activity

Result of perfection of our activity is the ability that we can create complete systems that are capable to ensure global technologic serving to the production systems.

service 3

Appliance design and planning

Due to original activity of our company that aimed to satisfy occasional regional development orders, we can create projects in wide professional spectrum in the fields of development of unique machinery unit, machinery design and industrial air-technical development.

We are not afraid of large projects or special professional challenges.

We materialize what we designed.

What we can offer

  • Very extensive professional experience
  • Ability to tune in to the particular - mostly unconventional - technical challenges
  • Maximum respect for any given task

What you can achieve with us

  • Technological advantage over your competitors
  • Production capacity, like the leading manufacturers have
  • We are a factory which can produce your dreams

About us

team 1

Mihály Mochnács

Managing director

Phone: +36 30 318 1080

team 1

Zoltán Séllei

Production leader

Phone: +36 30 339 7963

team 1

Mihályné Mochnács

Head clerk, trade administrator

Phone: +36 30 372 3262


Our company was founded in 2001 that is owned by Hungarians. We are mainly engaged in engineering services, design, planning and production of target machines. Our appointed target when founding the company was to satisfy regional, seasonal development claims. We aimed the regional small and medium sized companies as well as the multinational firms. During our extension in the market it has been proven that corporate enterprises and multinational firms form the bigger part of the external development capacity that's why the majority of our orders come from them. Due to the improvement and successes of our company regionalism has been extended to nation width and famous companies located in other regions have become our clients.


Team picture - 2016

Our products

Here you can have a detailed look on some of our more prominent projects:

project 1

Szennyezett olaj tisztító berendezés

MegrendelőBékés Drén Kft.
Dátum2014. augusztus

project 2

Gyulai világóra

MegrendelőGyula (?)
Dátum2008. október

Cégünk feladata ebben a projektben a világóra forgató mechanikájának kialakítása volt, melynek beüzemelési folyamatáról látható a mellékelt fénykép.

project 3

Audi R8

Dátum2009. szeptember

project 4

Puffasztott rizsszelet gyártó üzem

Dátum2013. március

project 5

Szerszámtartó próbaberendezés

MegrendelőLosonczi Kft.

VDI meghajtott szerszámtartó próbaberendezés

project 6

CD és DVD lejátszó teszter

MegrendelőPhilips Component
Dátum2004. február
PartnerJulius Globe Kft.

project 7

BOSCH munka


project 8

Speciális funkcióteszt autóemelőhöz

Dátum2014. december

project 9

Hirschmann VAG prés

Dátum2013. február

  • project 1

    Szennyezett olaj tisztító berendezés

  • project 2

    Gyulai világóra

  • project 3

    Audi R8

  • project 4

    Puffasztott rizsszelet gyártó üzem

  • project 5

    Szerszámtartó próbaberendezés

  • project 6

    CD és DVD lejátszó teszter

  • project 7


  • project 8

    Speciális funkcióteszt autóemelőhöz

  • project 9

    Hirschmann VAG prés


Opening hours happen on the depot. Map to the depot:

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5600 Békéscsaba, Hajnóczy utca 19.

+36 66 437 968