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Mochnács Mihály
I'm Mihaly Mochnacs, managing director of the company. We have launched this enterprise after spending 13 years in tertiary education and vocational training, where I have started activity in conformity with my original and most beloved qualifications. Although I had had opportunity to deal with research and development previously as well, in this company I can do it as main activity what I really enjoy. I consider it very important to create useful things for other people. My colleagues in the company perform in the same approach so I'm not alone.

oklevel.jpg Our company was founded in 2001 that is owned by Hungarians. We are mainly engaged in engineering services, design, planning and production of target machines. Our appointed target when founding the company was to satisfy regional, seasonal development claims. We aimed the regional small and medium sized companies as well as the multinational firms. During our extension in the market it has been proven that corporate enterprises and multinational firms form the bigger part of the external development capacity that's why the majority of our orders come from them. Due to the improvement and successes of our company regionalism has been extended to nation width and famous companies located in other regions have become our clients.
Activity of research and development is included in the original services of our company. As cooperation we have carried out several successful work in this field together with Banki Donat Mechanical Engineering Faculty of Mechanical College in Budapest. As a consequence of this relationship our innovation activity has been escalated to new dimensions.
Besides satisfying seasonal unique development orders of several small sized companies, we implement larger-scale industrial-technologic developments; we carry out numerous specific, exotic design-implementation jobs.
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